Iran, No Choice Left ... But Attack

If provoked (!?) Iran will be attacked from Iraq

No allies left - Squeezed by sanctions - Uprising(s) - Terrorism proxies - Decades of diplomacy that left ample time for Iran to prepare for an attack with "Microwaves From The Sky" at "The West" - No choice left ... attack - Iran Threat Scenarios

the US will attack Iran from Iraq

If provoked (!?) Iran will be attacked from Iraq

The allies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Assad government in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza are under pressure as result of the war in the area and their value is rapidly declining as vital part of Iran's strategy to face any possible attack by the USA due to Iran's nuclear program.

Added June 21 2019 - With the attack on a US drone Iran warns US it has power to bring down any plane, passenger or military with similar approach routes - Iran expects an attack.

Iran is aware that, not if but when the regional support of their allies falls away, its options are limited to;

Diplomacy "so far, so good" an open end deal

Iran was always open to "flexibility" when it came to diplomacy and that got Iran to where its today ...... some chess-players might think "so far, so good".

Terrorism proxies ... an option

Because of the gradual increasing squeeze by sanctions, the axis of financial ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas had to rely more on underground (illegal) financial streams. Those financial streams are also instrumental for Iran to fund several anti US and anti Europe terror organizations operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Wait for uprisings to devour and divide Iran

Iran has significant potential to be divided by its internal and cross border religious and ethnic groups that seem to be adamant to reclaim their ancient rights. (What Kurds think about Rouhani’s visit and promises in Kurdistan) Kurds, Taliban but also the Khorasan Province branch, which is active across the whole of Afghanistan plus the adjacent parts, including Iran.

Iran could try to delay that process of uprisings, also across its borders. Enabling a "Gorbachev scenario", with "Dear Mr. Rouhani tear down this wall!"

No choice left but ... Attack ! - "Microwaves From The Sky"

Direct action is useless if it doesn't increase the chances for Iran to be a respected regional power and fulfill its destiny in the Islamic world. To attain that, Iran has to successfully attack at least one of the large (economic) stakeholders, "The West".

Europe being tactical and strategic the weakest, the United States off guard by its own (global) strategies and the decades of diplomacy that left ample time for Iran to prepare for an attack with "Microwaves From The Sky" (EMP)

First published by Ultrascan AGI in July 2007



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