Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistan – ISIS-k - Coordinated attack in Russia on Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk, west of Moscow – March 22, 2024

Mawlawi Ibrahim the leader of Jamaat Ansarullah is an important powerful leader controlling tens of thousands of fighters and supporters.

Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistan – ISIS-k - Coordinated attack in Russia on Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk, west of Moscow - picture Mawlawi Ibrahim

Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistan – ISIS-k - Coordinated attack in Russia on Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk, west of Moscow

JAT - ISIS Kabul Afghanistan
The attack was planned by Jamaat Ansarullah and developed since October 2022. Russian intelligence knows that Jamaat Ansarullah is responsible. But it is unlikely that they will act against Jamaat Ansarullah.

The commander of this plan was transferred from Afghanistan. He left and is safe. He is to return to Kabul soon.

They arrived in Russia months ago. The fighters arrested are not the only ones. More than 20 persons were involved in this attack of which some were arrested on their way to the Ukrainian border, but most escaped with their commanders.

ISIS claimed the Moscow terror attack

Mawlawi Ibrahim the leader of Jamaat Ansarullah is an important powerful leader controlling tens of thousands of fighters and supporters. This could be a reason for Russia to not publicly single him out! but focus on Ukraine.

Mawlawi Ibrahim is responsible for ISIS in north Afghanistan and currently lives in Sherpur, Kabul, Afghanistan under a blanket of high-level security.   See Map

The military units were told:

“ Especially you, the foreign warriors of the martyrdom units, the conditions are ready. We reached the core of our duties, standing against the infidels in the global Jihad”. [..]

Cuts from previous Intelligence reports that mentioned Mawlawi Ibrahim (JAT)

[14:56, 9/6/2022] @Ultrascan-research.com:


Report regarding the first part of the attack by the suicide attacker at the entrance of the Russian embassy. The attacker wanted to enter the Russian embassy but was identified and disrupted. As a result, several other people, including two Russians, were killed and wounded.

Several of our sources report the suicide attack on the Russian embassy in the 7th district of Kabul City:

Conflict among Taliban leaders

The Haqqani network and Mullah Yaqoob, conflict with other Taliban leaders because they must act according to the Doha agreement. Big networks like ISIS, al-Qaeda, and foreign terrorist groups are secretly supported in Kabul and northern provinces.

political confusion

After the fall of the Afghanistan republic and moving out of the Americans; Russia, China, and other neighboring countries are trying to intervene in the economic, political, and cultural sectors. This caused political confusion.

Haqqani network

An offensive attack was organized by the Haqqani network, Mullah Yaqoub under the responsibility of Hafez Haqqani, a relative of Siraj Haqqani in coordination with the Ansarullah group of Tajikistan and Haji Forqan from the foreign fighters.

Suicide attacker

Russian citizen and a member of Ansarullah Tajikistan the 18-year-old Abu Tariq, stayed at Wazir Akbar Khan Road 11, in one of the secret mansions related to the Haqqani network. He received suicide training in the Arzah district of Logar province and was released in the care of Hafez Haqqani who was responsible for the suicide attacker.

Remote controlled detonation

The attack took place on September 5, 2022, in the 7th district of Kabul city where his target was Russian employees inside the Russian embassy. He was taken down by the officials at the embassy gate. After he was shot, the bomb was detonated with remote control.

Target Russia, China, and Uzbekistan

Our colleagues add that: from this date onwards, the Haqqani network and Mullah Yaqoub, in coordination with ISIS, JAT, and foreign terrorist groups are in pursuit of assassinations of high-ranking officials, businessmen, and engineers of Russia, China, and Uzbekistan. This was only the first successful attack.

[9:42 PM, 4/27/2022] @Ultrascan-research.com:

Date: 27_4_2022

Based on the reports of colleagues:

Target Tajikistan

Mawlawi Ibrahim - Mehdi Arsalan Jamaat Ansarullah

- Mawlawi Ibrahim, the leader of Jamaat Ansarullah, and Mehdi Arsalan, the military chief of five

Darwaz ha districts – met On Tuesday, 4/26/2022, and drove around in a light blue car with five people from the border districts of Ishkashim, Zibak, and Sheghnan.

Tajikistan opposition

- According to our colleagues, the purpose of their visit was to study the border areas of Tajikistan, and Mawlawi Ibrahim has recently hired hundreds of Badakhshans in the border districts and paid them a monthly salary.

- One of our colleagues facilitates the source of money and secret operations for Mawlawi Ibrahim.

- Our colleague adds that Mehdi Arsalan will transfer to Tajikistan under the cover of Nasi Darwaz to meet and plan with the opposition of the Tajik government.

Despite several foreign fighters' identities being revealed, the hunt for them was more concentrated in Badakhshan province. At the same time, Mawlawi Ibrahim, Abu Jafar, and Haji Forqan fled to Kunduz Baghlan and Takhar provinces and continued working on their strategic plans.

[3:04 AM, 4/20/2022] @Ultrascan-research.com

The war against the infidels

Haji Forqan's trip to Faizabad city and meeting with members of the Omari military unit, special forces, and local government officials of the Taliban:

Date: 20_4_2022

Based on the information provided by colleagues:

Haji Forqan spent the night in the guest house of Haji Nawab Khastaki in the new city of Baharak, And today at 12:30, he came to Faizabad and sat down with the Omari military units.

In his meeting with the military units, Forqan said that the conditions were ready and today is a war between infidels and Muslims. You, especially the martyrdom units (foreign warriors) are trained every day. The day will come when we reach the core of our duties, standing against the infidels.

- Haji Forqan has given $ 300 in Ramadan expenses to all the personnel of the Omari military unit.

He also visited a special force unit under the command of Qari Javid and paid 10,000 Afghanis for each person in the special force unit for Ramadan expenses.

Haji Forqan is scheduled to spend another two days in Faizabad and then go to Pul-e-Khumri in Baghlan province.

Date: 21_4_2022

Baghlan, Andarab attacks

Qari Fasihuddin Levi Darstiz of Taliban, Haji Forqan, the leader of the East Turkestan Islamic

Movement; Mawlawi Ibrahim, the leader of the Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistan; and Abu Jafar, the

officer in charge of the Jamaat Ansarullah, left for Baghlan after dinner with a large convoy, focussing on Andarab attacks.

30,000 underage recruits

Qari Fassihuddin immediately recruited 250 under the age young people of Badakhshan, handed over 30,000 Afghanis to them and their families, and sent them to Andarab.

Qari Fassihuddin plans to carry out large-scale offensive attacks in collaboration with foreign fighters who take control of the headquarters.

- A team of 45 skilled laser snipers from foreign fighters is led by Commander Abbas Uyghury.

Haji Forqan's meeting foreign fighters

The recent report on Haji Forqan's important meeting with a group of foreign fighters in the former National Security Battalion 01 in Baharak district of Badakhshan province:

Date: 19_4_2022

THE BIG MEET 1 - summary:

Today, Monday, April 19, 2022, the meeting was attended by:

Haji Forqan in charge of East Turkestan, Abu Jafar military in charge of Jamaat Ansarullah, Mawlawi Ibrahim, leader of Jamaat Ansarullah, Haji Salman, military deputy for Haji Forqan, Mehdi Arsalan in charge of the Darwaza districts from the address of Jamaat Ansarullah, Qari Siraj intelligence in charge of ETIM, Sheikh Zakir the leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Commander Farooq Commander-in-Chief of foreign fighters in Faizabad city of Badakhshan province Qari Akram and Sheikh Matin members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Abbas Uyghury in charge of foreign fighters in Andarab areas of Baghlan province, Osama in charge of foreign fighters in Takhar province, Hezbollah, aka Sahrab from Takhar province.

Dr. Fazlullah, formerly the President of the Air Force University and now retired from his post, is in Badakhshan. Qari Javid, the commander of the special force unit, Zabih Pesh, the commander of the Omari unit and the police chief of Baharak district participated in the meeting.

Their meeting for the division of tasks and a few other things in the following order:

- 4 foreign fighters mixed from terrorist networks led by Nizam Uyghur to Sheghanan district, 2 people to be sent to Ishkashim district, very secret and this time they will operate under cover of Taliban Badakhshani, and be stationed in commissariats. Fifty (50) snipers mixed with foreign fighters, most from Tajikistan's Jamaat Ansarullah group, led by Mehdi Arsalan, will be deployed in Darwaza border districts. The Jamaat Ansarullah community has two weapons depots in Raghistan, of which one is kept very secret in Nasi Darwaz.

100 people in the Baharak district have started military training and will be in reserve.

Commanders Farooq, with 50 people, will soon begin military training on Omari, Badri, and Mansouri Lashkar units in various sections. Thirty-five fighters with sniper and explosives skills have been assigned to commander Abbas Uyghury, the commander of the War in Andarab.

In charge of the Jamaat Ansarullah military, Abu Jafar has been appointed as the coordinator of foreign fighters in four provinces. Qari Siraj, head of intelligence in four provinces. Mawlawi Ibrahim, leader of the Jamaat Ansarullah group, has been appointed head of foreign fighters in Kunduz province.

The Forqan plenary session aimed to disperse foreign fighters and address ethnic and local sensitivities in Baghlan and Kunduz provinces, where issues were resolved through the Taliban to restore strong cohesion in the four provinces.

- Part of their meeting and the second purpose of the meeting was to change the face, clothes, and appearance of all foreign fighters, because of the increased threats and social problems caused by the intelligence of neighboring countries.

- Haji Forqan also prayed for the Palestinian people with a weeping voice and expressed hope that the day would come when all of Afghanistan's neighboring countries would be liberated from infidel and atheist communists. He also called on the participants to save the weak Uyghur people tortured by the Chinese Communist government day and night.

Mawlawi Ibrahim also hoped that a series of border changes would be established, that one day we would all return to our countries and save the Muslims from the oppression of the communists.

- At the Haji Forqan meeting, Mawlawi Ibrahim and Sheikh Zakir once again pledged to take part in the fighting until the end of the war.

Their meeting started at 10 a.m. today and ended at 1 p.m.

- Haji Forqan is a guest tonight at the house of Haji Nawab Khastaki in the new city of Baharak.

This was a summary of a crucial meeting of foreign fighters in the Baharak district of Badakhshan province - Afghanistan.

[6:21 PM, 4/3/2022] @Ultrascan-research.com:

Report Date: 3_4_2022

SitRep from Badakhshan province*

Working report from Badakhshan province and stabilization of the latest military and political situation of all foreign fighters in Badakhshan province and interaction of the local Taliban group in different sections with this group:

- foreign fighters entered Badakhshan province in four months, two stages to not be exposed or harmed by the general public, and hundreds more were relocated to Kabul and northern provinces.

Most fighters are not familiar with local people. About 40 percent of the foreign fighters, including Haji Forqan*, the leader of ETIM, and Mawlawi Ibrahim, the leader of the Jamaat Ansarullah community, were for many years in the valley of Khostak, Warduj, Darwazha, and Ragh districts. They now moved to the Pul-e-Khumri provinces of Baghlan. Similarly, fighters in Takhar, Kunduz, and Faryab provinces relocated.

For the past two months, Haji Forqan* has held secret political meetings with Badakhshan Salafis and the Badakhshan Hizb ut-Tahrir members, organizing their programs. During this period, Haji Furqan sends Mawlawi Mujibur Rehman Zakhiri from the Badakhshan Salafis to ISIS Pakistan for training. And also to a glorious gathering of one thousand people to address the Tahrir Party, which donated two million Afghanis to Haji Forqan. The conference was held on Friday last week in the hall of the Supreme Leader.

There are 291 members of East Turkestan, 155 members of Jamaat Ansarullah, and 91 members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in different parts of Badakhshan province.

- Haji Forqan, in coordination with Badakhshan local government, has started the Afghan ID process for 109 foreign fighters. Currently, 44 people are identified, and the rest are processed.

Many foreign fighters have been issued Afghan passports.

- 35 foreign fighters are included in a special unit.

- 45 foreign fighters have been included in the Omari military unit.

- 20 foreign fighters in the Mansouri Lashkar unit.

For the past eight months, all martyrdom units, including the special unit of the Badakhshan Taliban, have been trained by professional foreign fighters in the following sections:

- Mine construction and mine clearance.

- Making all kinds of suicide and explosive vests.

- Use of sniper and laser weapons.

- Self-defense and sports.

- Every day, the lessons of belief, martyrdom, and rank of the person who commits suicide and

explosion are woven from an Islamic perspective and are given mental preparation.

- In the parts of the songs, chants about martyrdom, suicide, and explosion are heard for them to be mentally ready to sacrifice.

A special unit of 33 foreigners is currently stationed at Feyzabad Airport and is consulting in the military departments.

- And they have military training every day.

In Badakhshan province, foreign fighters have eight bases in Baharak

- There are two camps in the Jurm district.

- A total of 18 Tajik nationals live in the Dehn Shaleh and Sander areas of Raghestan.

- Mehdi Arsalan, who is at the leadership level of the Jamaat Ansarullah Jamaat in Tajikistan, with a number of 23 members of the Jamaat Ansarullah Jamaat, is moving to Nasi Darvaz.

- In Badakhshan province, foreign fighters have seven depots and weapons depots, one of which is located in Khostak valley.

1. One in the Dasht-e-frakh of Baharak.

2. One is in the bashand of Wardoj.

3. Two camps in Raghistan.

4. One of them is moving to Nasi Darvaz.

5. And another is moving to the village of Spin Gol Argo. If necessary, documentation will be done.

- From Badakhshan mines, Raghistan gold mine, Lajevard Kran, and Manjan mines, Haji Forqan, Sheikh Zakir, and Mawlawi Ibrahim will be given an independent quota.

Currently, in the drug trafficking sector, 40 percent of the income of foreign fighters, including Haji Forqan, comes from drug trafficking, who are engaged in smuggling day and night with all local smugglers in coordination with the local Taliban government. Haji Forqan himself has been smuggling for two years now, earning millions of dollars.

Haji Forqan* strategic goals and plans for the future:

- Haji Forqan, in charge of foreign fighters, is trying to prepare the people for the future through political means to launch their plans on the Central Asian countries in cooperation with ISIS. Probably 35 to 50 percent of the Taliban pledged allegiance to ISIS.

- Haji Forqan is currently pursuing his political programs in Badakhshan and the north of Afghanistan to turn Badakhshan and the northeastern part of the country into a safe haven for international terrorists. And also indirectly trying to grow the ISIS group with the support of the Haqqani network. In case of any danger posed to them by the Taliban government in the future, they will pledge allegiance to ISIS.

[2:50 PM, 3/7/2022] @Ultrascan-research.com:

Situation report by colleagues:

Haji Forqan* trips to Badakhshan mines

Date: 16_12_1400

Based on the reports of colleagues, it indicates:

Haji Furqan arrived in the Baharak-Badakhshan district from Kunduz province on Saturday. Yesterday in Battalion 01 National Security of the previous government The meeting was attended by Sheikh Zakir, Head of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Mehdi Arsalan, Deputy Head of Mawlawi Ibrahim, Head of Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistan.

- Our source adds that the purpose of their meeting was to divide the tasks among the total number of foreign fighters, recruit them to military units, obtain Afghan IDs and passports, Cover up and changing their identities and faces so that they are not recognized as outsiders and foreign, Contracting several mines in Badakhshan and assassinating professionals and individuals who oppose them.

They are supposed to do the following in the spring of the new year, on which they have agreed, and also, Haji Forqan and Sheikh Zakir, along with Mawlawi Amanuddin's brother, are also scheduled to start work on a part of the Raghistan gold mine, the Bikadar mine, which is an official mine, by civilians.

They are also going to work with Haji Nawab and Haji Abdulmanan Khastaki on a gold section, and together with Amanullah Afghan, they are going to work on a section of Khash grain.

- Haji Forqan, Sheikh Zaker and Mehdi Arsalan are scheduled to visit the Lapis Lazuli (lajaward) mine, Raghistan gold, Shiva gold, and Khash seeds for a week.

- Foreign terrorists are trying to carry out their practical work in the north of the country, including in the field of drug trafficking, mining, and assassination of individuals for money.

[2:17 PM, 3/1/2022] @Ultrascan-research.com:

Date: 10_12_1400

Meeting Haji Forqan*, Sheikh Zakir, Mawlawi Ibrahim Haji Forqan*, Sheikh Zakir, Mawlawi Ibrahim met yesterday Monday in Spin Gol, Argo district of Badakhshan province at the house of Commander Fazel, son-in-law of Yusuf.

In their meeting, they decided on several issues, including:

- If the war intensifies, foreign fighters, including the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistan, etc., left foreign groups in the center of the districts to return to the main center of Khostak Valley.

- No foreign fighters should be in a military position or be entirely personal and in local Afghan dress.

- Third, in this meeting, they define their responsibilities.

Haji Forqan arrived in Baghlan and Kunduz this morning to view the situation ahead.

JAT - Mawlawi Ibrahim - Motasim Billah – Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistani

In Afghanistan, Motasim Billah from Tajikistan is known as Mawlawi Ibrahim, the Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistani terrorist group leader. He is feared in the AfPak region, Russia, and Tajikistan.

Picture Mawlawi Ibrahim (deleted)

[2:17 PM, 3/1/2022] @Ultrascan-research.com:

No need for a VISA to enter Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zlensky has signed a decree requiring foreigners wishing to join Ukraine's (International Legion) to fight the Russians no longer need a visa.

Islamic Movement of Jamaat Ansarullah in Tajikistan

Date: 16_11_1400 - 2022 02 05 @Ultrascan-research.com

report of colleagues:

Mawlawi Ibrahim visits Badakhshan

Mawlawi Ibrahim, the head of the Islamic Movement of Jamaat Ansarullah in Tajikistan, left Kunduz province for Badakhshan province yesterday, 11-15-1400, together with Qari Siraj.

Strategic plans for the Tajikistan borders

The purpose of Mawlawi Ibrahim's trip to Badakhshan province is to meet with Haji Forqan * and make strategic plans for the Tajikistan borders, specifically the Sher Khan Bandar Kunduz border and Darwaz ha. A 220-strong contingent of mixed foreign fighters will be created and relocated to the Druze border strip. A military unit of 120 foreign fighters is to be assembled and relocated in the border strip of Sher Khan Bandar.

Today Mawlawi Ibrahim was in the Baharak district of Badakhshan with four bodyguards and intends to travel to the border districts with Qari Siraj.

[8:28 AM, 12/29/2021] @Ultrascan-research.com

Foreign Fighters in Badakhshan Province:

The presence and activity of Haji Forqan (*) and the East Turkestan Network and other terrorist networks in Badakhshan.

After the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, foreign fighters moved from areas including Khostak valley and Varduj to other districts that were important to them from a geopolitical point of view, such as Baharak, Jarm, and Feyzabad city center.

Four terrorist branches.

1- East Turkestan movement under the leadership of Haji Forqan (*) Ighuri.

2- Jamaat Ansarullah movement of Tajikistan under the leadership of Mutasim Ballah known as Mawlawi Ibrahim.

3- Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan under the leadership of Artash known as Haris Uzbek.

4. Golmurad Colonel Halimov*, in charge of ISIS.

These terrorist networks are organizationally separated, but they work in harmony in terms of ideology and methods.

Organizations of these terrorist groups:

- The East Turkestan movement is the most substantial network which the other networks revolve around and cooperate financially. There are currently approximately 1,000 members of East Turkestan, most of whom are Uighur nationals. 40% in Baharak, 10% in crime, 10%in Badakhshan provincial capital Faizabad, 4% in Ishkashim, 2% in Zibak, and the rest in Baghlan, Kunduz, Mazar-e-Sharif, Faryab Kunar, and Jalalabad.

-The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, in coordination with Haji Forqan.

- Jamaat Ansarullah movement is also coordinating with two other networks, but 10% of them have changed their appearance in Raghestan, and 30% are moving across borders and gates, using deep cover methods. They live under a new identity and appearance.

Strategic goals and daily activities

From five months onwards, this group buys 90 percent of weapons and ammunition, especially M4 and M16 weapons, at prices ranging from one hundred thousand to one hundred thirty thousand Afghanis. They have a depot of purchased weapons in Khostak valley, a depot in Farakh Baharak, a depot in Warduj, two depots in Raghistan, and Nesi Darvaz, a depot in Kunduz, and a depot in Baghlan. There are more than 50 commissions in Badakhshan that buy all kinds of weapons for them.

Drugs business by Haji Forqan, Mawlawi Ibrahim, and Haris, members of their leadership, start from the low level of opium purchase to large-scale drug trafficking in collaboration with local smugglers and Mawlawi Amanuddin.

Experienced and professional trainers, members of these networks, and two newly formed units, the martyrdom unit of Mansouri Lashkar and the martyrdom unit of Badri, will be given military training in the PRT of Feyzabad. Recruits from other provinces are sent to this training center.

- Security measures around Haji Forqan have become very strict, so he does not stay in one place even for a week and travels to Kunduz, Baghlan, Baharak, Badakhshan, Faryab, and Mazar-e-Sharif provinces. After the four-day trip to Kabul, he traveled to another area almost every day.

In Badakhshan, 60 to 70 people are relatives and have seven military bases.

- Haji Forqan was given a share in the revenues of the Azure mine.

- Khalil-ur-Rehman Haqqani, Minister of Refugees of Badakhshan Taliban, has traveled to Badakhshan twice and met with Forqan personally about the military training of the units.

- Haji Forqan, under the direct support of the Haqqani Network, is running programs in Badakhshan in coordination with Mawlawi Amanuddin, the new governor of Mullah Abdul Ghani.


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