Terrorism is a Military Intelligence controlled instrument of war. Usually coordinated by Defense Intelligence, SpecOps, and organized Crime.

Al Qaeda - ISIS, The Shadow Where Crime Becomes Ideology

Terrorism is a military-controlled instrument of war

Terrorism is a Military Intelligence controlled instrument of war

Al Qaeda - ISIS, The Shadow Where Crime Becomes Ideology

Al Qaeda - ISIS projects itself as an organization fighting for the greater good. In reality, it is nothing more than a name that different groups (can) hide behind and attach itself to the Al Qaeda 'brand' or rather, its PR infrastructure.

Not only is Al Qaeda very good at PR, but they also piggyback off other movements to gain attention and new members.

It does not take a brilliant mind to think of ways this system can be exploited. Organizations that have enemies and competitors that are extremely determined. If any of those enemies were to attack their competitor they would not have any good way of doing that without outing themselves as the culprit.

This is where Al Qaeda comes in.
Thus, diverting blame from themselves and onto, largely, unsuspecting groups of people who flock to the Al Qaeda 'ideals'. These people, or scapegoats rather, are the ones who read about (these Al Qaeda) 'attacks' and decide to join in by connecting to their network and launching attacks on Al Qaeda targets. They are the ones who are eventually caught, leaving the real and more skilled/intelligent perpetrators in the dark behind the Al Qaeda shadow where crime becomes ideology!

This then leaves the imagination to wander. Was an attack the work of a competitor? Foreign Intelligence Service? Terror group? Or was it really just a group that has been working under the Al Qaeda ISIIS name in the past?

To answer this question will take someone more in the know.


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