Active Spy Networks Push Activists Into The Streets

Elected officials show a lack in political will and capabilities to put a stop to obvious threats, thus accepting that the sense of Presence and Fear is the new normal. This leaves room for public outrage and creates a gap that local extremist are using to their advantage.

Active spy networks the prelude to (civil) wars

Presence, Fear, Division in the West

Not much is changed since the cold war. Democracy, justice, solidarity, relief, freedom, human rights and particularly people's peace movements are initiated from the intellectual landscape but all backed or infiltrated by foreign intelligence services.

Anti Nuclear protests Spies Push Activists Into The Streets

Anti Money Laundering and counter intelligence operations within the financial services and oil/gas business revealed that new eco-systems of the old global spy networks have noticeably come to life in the domains of division and discord

In the Middle East recent 'movements' are supported by the US and partners in the different coalitions. Russian intelligence aims for the EU's disintegration. The best way to do so is to flood the EU with refugees and aggressively pushing (PEGIDA) right and left wing extremist groups into the streets of western Europe. In Africa's Sahara and sub Sahara. Peace and civil rights movements were initiated by Chinese and Russian intelligence, .......

Creating an explosive mix by organizing and joining public outrage, protesting both against and in support of controversial topics such as degraded civil liberties, prolonged state of emergency, alleged manipulation of elections, war efforts, immigrants, austerity, refugees, asylum seekers, beheadings, mass sexual assaults, missing and kidnapped children, gender equality, same sex marriage, et cetera.

Typically initiated from the shadows, these manipulations with malicious intent pose serious threats to the rule of law and integrity of the state. Its too late, incidents and movements started to catch the public eye, mobilizing support under the 'unwary' youth and unemployed. Prepared for a revolutionary wave of demonstrations, protests (both non-violent and violent) and riots.

Published on February 2, 2016


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